Wash Down Coil Hose Kit - 25ft

Wash Down Coil Hose Kit - 25ft

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Washdown Coil Hose Kit - 25ft 


Wash Down Coil Hose Kit

25ft coiled hose with snap on plastic garden type hose fittings and adjustable spray nozzle.

Spray Nozzle is easily adjustable with settings such as Soaker , Shower , Jet , Cone and Mist

  • Self-coiling design is easy to use, extremely flexible, lightweight, and compact.
  • The hose retains and memory of its coiled shape which makes it easy to stow.
  • Constructed of UV resistant polyurethane that is far more durable than standard rubber and PVC hoses.
  • Will not kink or tangle.
  • Drinking water safe.


NZ Code: NS60

OBT 3:05 pm PST 6/20/2018


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