Packaged Outboard Hydraulic Steering OH-175-CR

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Packaged Outboard Hydraulic Steering System OH-175-CR - 

The Multisteer Hydraulic System OH-175 conform to Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU in accordance with EN ISO 10592:1995 / Al:2000. The Steering System is designed to operate in an ambient temperature ranging between -20°c (4°F) and +60°C (+140°F). All the components of the system are explicitly manufactured considering the marine environment. lt offers great durability and safety even in extreme environments.

Kit includes :

  • Hydraulic Helm HP-20
  • Hydraulic Cylinder OC-175
  • 7.5 meters Hose Kit with Factory Crimped End Connector CT-7.5
  • Hydraulic Oil 2 litres HO-150

The Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System consists of:

  • A Manual Axial Helm Pump: HP-20

This is an axial piston-driven pump that draws and pushes the flow of Steering Fluid when the Wheel mounted on the Helm Shaft is rotated. Its volume determines the number of turns required hard over to hard over to guide the engine. A lock valve prevents untimely engine movement when the Helm is not operated and a pressure relief valve protects the system against unusual pressure increase.

  • A Front Mount Single Balanced Cylinder: OC-175

The Cylinder provides linear movement to the Engine or Rudder depending on the application, Steering the boat to Starboard or Port.

  • A Pair of thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses to connect Helm with Cylinder: CT-7.5

The Hose Tube is designed to transfer Steering Fluid from Helm pump to Cylinder and vice versa. Hoses are flexible so as to be routed through complex or small bending radii and are tested at a higher pressure than maximum working pressure to prevent OiI leakage.

  • A Bottle of High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Steering Fluid: HO-150

Hydraulic Steering Fluid is required, where the Helm pump while being turned pushes the fluid, such that it travels through the tubing and displaces the Cylinder.

Code: OH175CR

J - 23.02.22

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