advanSea Multi S400 - Display Only

advanSea Multi S400 - Display Only

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advanSea Multi S400 Display Only


advanSea Multi S400 
All the functions of S400 Depth and Speed

The advanSea S400 series uses cutting edge technology to provide accruate data for cruisers or racers.

  • Accuracy, optimal legibility, flexibility and ease of installation are the key benefits of the S400 series, together with easy intuitive operation with direct function access.
  • LCD screens with wide-angle viewing and super size digits for unmatched visibility. Watertight display facia (IP66); displays feature an anti-fogging coating for optimal saftey even in extreme conditions.
  • The S400 series is available with a choice of compatible transducers manufactured by Airmar or Plastimo. The instruments can also operate as "stand alone" with intelligent transducers or an NMEA0183 source.

The advanSea depth, speed, and multi instruments are fully compatible replacements for the Navman 3100 and Northstar 310 series, as the same transducers can be used.

The advanced Multi S400 offers:

All of the functions of S400 Depth and Speed in one unit.

Lower line: 22 mm high digits
Upper line: 32 mm high digits
Depth and speed trend indication.
Proprietary Bus interface and NMEA0183 input/output 
Simulation mode
advanced instruments come with a 2-year warranty, with worldwide support from the Plastimo network.


Common features

  • External unit dimensions: 112 x 112 mm
  • Operating voltage: 10 V to 16.5 V
  • Display power consumption: Below 150 mA Incl. backlighting
  • Operating temperature: -10 to + 50° C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to +60° C
  • Drilling Ø: 48 mm
  • Fixing: Rear locking collar
  • “O” ring for bulkhead mount: Yes
  • Buzzer/external alarm output: Yes / Yes
  • Screen: Monochrome LCD, TN technology (Twisted Nematic)
  • Backlit keys: Yes
  • Backlit screen: Yes, amber, 5 levels (Off, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Anti-fogging screen: Yes
  • LCD: Transflective
  • Waterproof rating: IP66 front face
  • Intuitive menu: Yes
  • Weather cover: Yes
  • Simulation mode: Yes

Instruments specific features

  • Depth range: 0.5 to 199 m dependent on transducer
  • Water speed: 0 to 60 knots
  • Depth speed: Yes if connected through NMEA0183 
  • Depth resolution: 0.1 m up to 19.9 m / 1 m from 20 to 199 m
  • Speed resolution: 0.01 at 19.99 kts / 0.1 from 20 to 60 knots
  • Display damping: 1 - 30 steps
  • NMEA0183 input ports: 1
  • NMEA Input sentences: VHW/ VTG/ DPT/ VLW/ MTW/ RMC/DBT
  • NMEA0183 output ports: 1
  • Output sentences:  VHW/ VLW/ MTW/ DBT/ DPT
  • Proprietary bus: Half-Duplex series connection (38400 bauds on one wire) 
  • Countdown: Yes
  • Digits size: Upper line : 32 mm Lower line : 22 mm
  • Units: °F & °C - Feet - Metres - Knots - Km/hr - Miles/hr - V - Miles - Km
  • Alarms: Deep & shallow speed/ High & low depth / Low battery

advanced instruments come with a 2-year warranty, with worldwide support from the Plastimo network.

OBT 9:48am PST 4/17/2018

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