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Pro Manila Synthetic Manila Rope 6mm to 40mm Sold by the Meter

Pro Manila is no ordinary tan rope. It is made from special polypropylene fibres that give it the look of a weathered natural Manila rope, but without some of the drawbacks of Manila rope.

Pro Manila rope has the following unique characteristics:

  • It won't rot,
  • It's ideal for wet environments Pro Manila rope will not shrink if it gets wet
  • Will it not expand
  • The rope does not have the rough texture of Manila
  • There is no odour
  • The lifespan of Pro Manila is typically longer than  Natual Manila rope

Pro Manila was designed with landscape use in mind. It's perfect if you want a great rope to use outside on decks or in other landscape applications. While it's a popular choice for outside applications, it is perfectly acceptable to use indoor as well.

In fact, it's a great product for indoor use because the rope will not shed. Pro Manila rope is great for handrails and will look excellent with Manrope Knot tied on the ends. Buy Now / Prices 

Larger diameter Pro Manila is great for:

  • Hanging beds
  • Backyard playsets
  • Treehouses
  • Landscape use
  • Deck and porch railings
  • Stair handrails

If Pro Manila has a downside, it is this...because this is a polypropylene product; ultraviolet light will break it down over time. This rope is made with UV stabilizers in the polypropylene, but if this rope is given enough time out in the sun, it will get a little fuzzy.

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