RC6 - 6mm x 10metre Chain and 50m Rope

RC6 - 6mm x 10metre Chain and 50m Rope

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RC6 - 6mm x 10metre Chain and 50m Rope


This pack contains:

Perfect Rope Chain pack for Maxwell RC6 winch

  • New MaXtek high quality 8 Plait Braid super soft space saving rope/chain combinations.

  • Easy and convenient for you to get for your windlass and in 3 popular combinations.

  • The inner core is specially designed to keep the rope round and better grip to avoid slippage in gypsy.

This pack contains:

10M x 6mm Galv Din 766 chain 
50M x 12mm, 8 plait nylon rope

Made with nylon rope, ready to use. Spliced with  Din 766 chain.


Non-floating high strength and elasticity, non-rotating. Ideal for any purpose that

requires high shock loading and stretch.

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OBT 6:34 am PST 4/11/2018

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