Power Train 2000W Inverter w/ Bluetooth Screen

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Power Train 2000W Inverter With Bluetooth Screen


Power Train Inverters convert 12v DC to 240v AC.  This enables you to efficiently power a wide range of 240v household appliances, such as DVD Players, TVs, laptops, printers, coffee machines etc.  Powertrain Pure Sinewave inverters are made to the highest quality & performance standards to emulate household power.  They're easy to use and cost-effective which leaves more money in your pocket. 

Removable 2.4 inch Bluetooth colour LCD display with touch screen functionality for switching the main unit on/off and displays inverter input voltage, amperage, output AC wattage and also low voltage warning

  • Dual 240V AC outlets
  • RCD switch for short circuit protection, instantaneous output cut-off for power leakage protection and to turn 240V AC output on or off
  • Automatic AC transfer switch when 240V AC input is detected
  • Low voltage warning at 11.5V with flashing voltage reading on the voltage gauge
  • Shuts down output at 11V along with a visible warning on the LCD screen
  • Over/under voltage, output short circuit, over temperature protection
  • Automatic temperature reduction with the rear cooling fan


  • Dimensions:   460 x 240 x 110mm (W x D x H)
  • Input voltage range:   DC 11-15V
  • Output voltage (AC):   240V
  • Output frequency:   50HZ
  • Output power (continuous):   2000W
  • Output waveform:   Pure sine wave
  • Protection:   Output short circuit, overload, battery voltage too low or too high, over temperature
  • Input Power (no load):   150mA
  • Number of sockets:   2


Product No. RVK049A

J - 13.09.22

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