Salt-Away 3.8 Litre Bulk Concentrate

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Salt-Away 3.8 Litre Bulk Concentrate 


This Bulk concentrate is an economical way of removing salt.

Salt-Away is an engine flush for inboards, outboard motors, and personal watercraft.

It is an exterior salt removing treatment for any surface where salt corrosion and build-up are a problem. Mixed with water, Salt-Away washes away the salt and, if not rinsed off, leaves a protective film on the surface to prevent corrosion.

Salt-Away is a multi-purpose 100 per cent Non-Hazardous, 100 per cent Non-Toxic, 100 per cent Biodegradable Water-based product designed to break down salt and prevent corrosion. It can be used for flushing down your boat, fishing gear and car.

When paired with the Salt-Away Mixer, you can speed up your cleaning time by at least 50 per cent.

Mixes up to 512 parts water to one concentrate

Why use Salt-Away 

  • Salt-Away combined with our Auto-Mix unit speeds up your cleaning time by at least 50 per cent.
  • Removes all traces of salt, minimizing the corrosive effects of salt on your engine, trailer, vehicle, rods, and reels.
  • Salt-Away is the most concentrated; Just 40mls is all you need to clean your boat, motor, trailer and fishing gear. Financially that works out to be from as little as $1.15 per wash.
  • Salt-Away is the best value for money - 1 litre of concentrate makes 512 litres.
  • Salt-Away, unlike some competitor products, is completely safe on all metals (including magnesium alloy), rubber and plastics so that it won't harm your marine equipment. 100% money-back guarantee
  • Salt-Away is recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers and is used by Royal NZ Navy, NZ Coastguard and NATO.


J - 23.08.22

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