Lectrotab SETR-61 Oval LED Control Switch

Lectrotab SETR-61 Oval LED Control Switch

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Lectrotab SETR-61 Oval LED Control Switch

This control incorporates automatic tab retraction and calibration whenever the control power is switched on or off. This unique design requires no feedback sensor for tab position. LED indicators automatically dim at night and brighten in sunlight. The Oval is completely sealed and waterproof. Its rubberized cover is UV protected and will not deteriorate in sunlight. The control switch is self-contained and does not require an additional control box. Lectrotab's Oval control can be used as a single station or can handle up to 6 stations in constant communication with each other.


  • Microprocessor based trim tab control with LED tab position indicators
  • Completely sealed, completely waterproof and will not deteriorate in sunlight
  • Tabs automatically retract and calibrate on key switch on or off
  • Easy upgrade from rocker switch style control with BP-10 mounting plate
  • No external power module required
  • Automatically dims LED tab position indicators in darkness and brightens in sunlight
  • Adjustable programming features located on back of specification sheet
  • Operates up to 6 stations (Use 1 SR cable per Oval control for each station)
  • Operates up to 2 actuators per tab on 12vdc and 4 actuators per tab on 24vdc systems
  • Black or Gray color display available


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