15LB x 1/4LB Spool - Sea Harvester Mono Nylon

15LB x 1/4LB Spool - Sea Harvester Mono Nylon

(Line Class: 15lb)

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15LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool. Sea Harvester Mono Nylon Spools.  Colour Clear.


All Sizes Available

  • 15LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool  
  • 20LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool
  • 30LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool 
  • 40LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool 
  • 50LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool 
  • 60LB x 1/4lb (115gm) Spool 



Benefits of Mono


Easy To Handle

Thanks to its flexible nature, monofilament is easy to use and works well for many fishing situations. This flexibility—often described as limpness—makes mono more manageable and easier to cast than stiffer lines.


Mono stretches more than superlines and more easily than fluorocarbon, which gives it a forgiveness factor other lines can’t match. If your drag sticks or you set the hook too hard, mono compensates by stretching up to 25 percent or more. By stretching under pressure, mono also helps prevent your hook from tearing a hole in a fish’s mouth, which can make it easier for the fish to come unbuttoned. This is a factor both on the hookset and during the fight, especially when you’re dealing with big fish in close quarters. For example, many top bass pros prefer a beefy mono like Berkley Big Game over superline for pitching jigs. 

Shock Strength

Stretch should not be confused with shock strength, which is a fishing line’s ability to absorb energy—and an equally important consideration. Shock strength comes into play when your line has to withstand the sudden impact of a hard hookset or a big fish thrashing violently at boatside.


Mono is admittedly prone to larger diameters than fluorocarbon or superlines. While the added circumference can be a limiting factor in how deep your lures dive, you can use the extra breadth to your advantage—such as slowing the fall of a Berkley Gulp! or PowerBait softbait, or when threading a bait through cover as the thicker line makes it more abrasion resistant.

Sink Rate

Thanks to its near-neutral buoyancy, mono sinks slowly, making it a great choice for topwater lures and suspended subsurface presentations where you don’t want to accelerate the bait’s downward movement.

Tying The Knot

Mono is knot-friendly. You can use a variety of strong, easy-to-tie knots without sacrificing the strength of the line. In fact, a Trilene Knot or Palomar Knot offers nearly 100 percent knot strength when tied with premium mono.


The most affordable of all line choices, mono is definitely easy on the pocketbook. Considering the critical role line plays in your quest to catch fish, it ranks among the sport’s best investments.

Ease Of Use

Thanks to a combination of manageability, stretch, easy knot tying and other fishing-friendly features, mono is the best fishing line if ease of use is your main concern. This makes it a great choice for everyone from first-time anglers to looking to simplify their presentations or seasoned veterans utilizing the characteristics of the line for specific techniques.


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Line Class 15lb

Selection: Sea Harvester Mono Nylon Spools

Product no. Line Class Status Price
MONO15LB 15lb
MONO20LB 20lb
MONO30LB 30lb
MONO40LB 40lb
MONO50LB 50lb
MONO60LB 60lb


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