Synthetic PPE Manila Rope 24mm x 250m Coil

Product no.: SPPEM24

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Synthetic PPE - Polypropylene - Manila Rope - Coil - 24mm x 250m

Colour - DARK TAN


The polypropylene yarns used to make this rope are high-strength, high-quality, and highly flexible, allowing the finished rope to take and hold knots well, and release them just as easily. Suitable for any application you might select a manila rope for and many more nautical and marine use, around the ranch or farm, as a decorative embellishment, or in a game of tug-of-war.  You don't have to break the bank to get the look or the quality of a natural manila rope.

This Synthetic tan rope is not ordinary It is made from special polypropylene fibres that give it the look of a weathered natural Manila rope, but without some of the drawbacks of Manila rope.

Characteristics of Synthetic PPE Manila Rope

  • It won't rot,
  • It's ideal for wet environments Pro Manila rope will not shrink if it gets wet
  • The rope does not have the rough texture of Manila
  • There is no odour
  • The lifespan of Pro Manila is typically longer than Manila rope

It's perfect if you want a great rope to use outside on decks or in other landscape applications. While it's a popular choice for outside applications, it is perfectly acceptable to use indoor as well.

In fact, it's a great product for indoor use because the rope will not shed. Synthetic PPE rope is great for handrails and will look excellent with Manrope Knot tied on the ends.

  • Diametre - 24mm
  • Length - 250m
  • Breaking Strain 9,950kg
  • Darker Tan than Pro Manila

Product Code - SPPEM24

J - 02.07.21

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