Sunline Siglon Braid Fishing Line 150m/20lb

Sunline Siglon Braid Fishing Line 150m/20lb

Product no.: SSPEX4-20lb

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Sunline Siglon Braid Fishing Line 150m/20lb 


Sunline Siglon PEX4 Braided Line offers the perfect blend of performance and strength. Boasting a premium four-strand PE composition, it is tightly woven to provide one of the smallest diameters of any braid on the market, while maintaining superior lineal and knot strength. Delivering all of the critical characteristics that anglers look for in a premium braid, this line provides an enhanced sensitivity and manageability. Engineered with less colour bleed for extended use, the Sunline Siglon PEX4 Braided Line has been specially formulated to meet and exceed the needs of competitive anglers. 

Made in Japan.

Available in fluoro green colour.

150m Spool Line weights;
PE# B/S Dia mm
#0.6 10lb 0.132
#0.8 12lb 0.153
#1.0 16lb 0.171
#1.2 20lb 0.187

300m Spool Line weights;
PE# B/S Dia mm
#1.7 30lb 0.223
#3.0 50lb 0.270 


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