Cressi Scuba Combo Package S - 60-75kg

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Cressi Start Combo Package Small

Perfect Package to get you under the water


An extremely strong jacket in 500 and 1000 denier Cordura, with excellent buoyancy, even on smaller sizes. It has been specifically created for diving centres and for renting.
Cressi Start was specifically created to meet the need to offer a very strong and indestructible jacket that would last longer even when subjected to the particularly demanding daily use of diving centres and renting as well as chasing crays. Therefore, a combination of materials from the strongest that the market has to offer was chosen. The jacket is made entirely from 500 and 1000 denier Cordura.
The structure is traditional, but the bag is larger, to guarantee good buoyancy even on the smaller sizes, thus countering the typical habit that beginners have of using too much weight.


  • The air bladder combines Cordura 1000 Deniers on the outside, pockets and shoulder pads and 500 Deniers on the inside.
  • The pressure gauge and octopus anchoring systems are integrated, which is especially useful for dive centres.
  • Large capacity pockets with large handle zippers and Velcro.
  • Waist strap independent of the air bladder to prevent constriction when inflated.
  • Chest strap.
  • Very light and durable semi-rigid backpack.
  • The size is shown on the right shoulder pad.
  • Shoulder pad cover open at the bottom for doubled octopus hose insertion.
  • Direct System with dual air filtration and easy disassembly for emergency cleaning.
  • Extraordinary size/buoyancy ratio thanks to the new design and the spacers installed inside the air bladder XS 13.3Kg S 14.3Kg M 15.3Kg L 17.3Kg XL 20.4Kg.


The Cressi XS Compact Octopus uses the same casing as the XS Compact made from special hi-tech polymers, the only difference being the yellow front cover.
All the parts of XS Compact, most of which are patented, can be found on this regulator. The performance is extremely high, although the calibration is regulated so that the inhalation effort is slightly greater than on the XS Compact to prevent any self-regulating possibility when it is used as a spare regulator.
Octopus XS Compact suits all Cressi first stages perfectly and all first stages with an intermediate pressure between 9 and 10 bar.


  • Downstream system
  • Adjustable venturi effect
  • Patented antifriction lever
  • Big purge button
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock
  • Removable exhaust tee without tools
  • Weight without hose - 135 gr
The Dual Gauge

The Cressi Mini-Console 2 is a Small Compact Console that houses the Cressi Mini-Manometer Pressure Gauge and a new, Small, Analog Depth Gauge. Both Gauges are High-Quality Instruments with Chrome Plated Brass Cases and the Depth Gauge has a Diaphragm Membrane Actuated Function. Both Gauges have a Large Circular Easy-to-Read Scales.

The Instruments are Housed in a Small, Modern Shaped Console Boot, made from Polycarbonate and Desmopan, [a Thermoplastic Polyurethane] two materials that guarantee protection from Shocks, Scratches and which, at the same time, is Very Light. At the end of the Console, slightly to the sides, there are two Eyelets for Fastening the Instrument to the BCD or Harness with a Clip or Lanyard so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the Environment or the Instruments.


  • Small Compact Console
  • High-Quality Instruments
  • Chrome Plated Brass Cases
  • Large Circular Easy-to-Read Scales
  • Depth Gauge- Cressi Mini-Manometer
  • Luminescent Colour Coded Dial
  • 0 to 70 Meter Gauge Scale
  • Maximum Depth Indicator, Extremely Handy for Logging Dive Information
  • Diaphragm Membrane Actuated
  • 0 to 12 Metres of Depth- 3 Metre Increments, Widely Spaced for Ease-of-Reading
  • Face Divided into 3-Different Coloured Zones
  • Green Up to 20 Metres
  • Light-Blue from 20 to 40 Metres
  • Read from 40 to 70 Metres
  • Pressure Gauge- Cressi Mini-Manometer
  • 350 bar Gauge Scale
  • Unique Glass Lens Pressure Relief Valve
  • Coloured Zones-
  • 0 to 50 bars Highlighted-in-Red, Solid-Bar and Red Stripes
  • Deeper Dives Reserve- Red-Scale Extends and Fades to 100 bar
  • Safe Air Zone- 50 bar to Approximately 200 bar Green and 200 bar to Full Scale is Blue
  • Small, Modern Shaped Console Boot
  • Boot Material- Durable Polycarbonate and Desmopan, [a Thermoplastic Polyurethane]
  • Protection from Shocks, Scratches and Very Lightweight
  • Eyelets for Fastening Instrument to BCD or Harness with Clip or Lanyard
  • 7/16' Threaded High-Pressure Hose
  • Italian Made
The Regulator

The AC2 is Cressi's traditional piston model. This is a non-balanced first stage with such high performance that it can be compared to many excellent balanced models. The small number of components, the low weight and the excellent materials make it the strongest Cressi first stages, and the most steadfast to maltreatment, a real “working horse” amongst regulators.
An ingenious bush system allows easy and rapid external regulation of the intermediate pressure.


  • Self-lubricating jacketed cylinder
  • Sintered cuplter
  • 4 low-pressure outlets
  • 1 high-pressure outlet

Product Code STP1

Gear Assembly


Basic Hand Signals


J - 22.12.20

Product Code STP1

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