G96 Silicone Gun Mitt

G96 Silicone Gun Mitt

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G96 Silicone Gun Mitt


The easy way to care for guns. 
Cleans, polishes and protects all metal and wood surfaces. 
New Gun Mitt design makes it easy to use.  Use on guns, gun sights, fishing tackle,
reels, tools, scopes, and automobile accessories. 

Triple treated with a new exclusive blend of silicone with corrosion inhibitors. 
It will protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion at extreme temperatures. 

Directions for use:
Clean surface with a high-quality degreaser, such as G96 Gun Degreaser, or similar product. 
Rub Gun Mitt over the surface until lustre appears.  You have then imparted a thin impervious
film that will not evaporate or dry out for extremely long periods of time. 
Re-wipe surface after handling the gun.  
Mitt may be used over and over again until chemical wears out. 
Store mitt in the snap-lock plastic bag when not in use. G96 stock # 1083

OBT 8:30AM PST 3/12/2018

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