20S/21 - Spun Polyester Hanging Slinging Twine

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 20S-21 x 500gram  Spool Spun Polyester Fishing Net Slinging Hanging Twine. 


Available in the following sizes

  • Size 20S-21 X (approx 900m)  500grams - Approx B/S 25kg - Spool  Ideal for Flounder Nets
  • Size 20S-30 X (approx 700m) 500grams -  Approx B/S 30kg - Spool  Ideal for Flounder Herring Nets
  • Size 20S-36 X (approx 550m)  500grams - Approx B/S 44kg - Spool  Ideal for Snapper Nets Mullet
  • Size 20S-48 X (approx 450m)  500grams - Approx B/S 52kg - Spool  Ideal for Drag Nets
  • Size 20S-78 x (approx 225m)  500grams - Approx B/S 80Kg Spool  Ideal for commercial nets pulled by Haulers

Spun Polyester Slinging Twine, all sizes are 500gm-Spool.  Please note that lengths are approximate:

High abrasion-resistant.
Limited elongation 16%.
Made in Taiwan.
This slinging-hanging twine is used in slinging fishing net mesh to main ropes. However, this is an excellent all-purpose twine and is ideal to be used as building lines etc.


Additional product information

Size 20S-21

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