Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 with tiller control

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Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 with tiller control


Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 with tiller control

Primary power at affordable prices

If you‘re looking for a powerful electric outboard motor, you have three options. You can compromise on power and purchase a cheap, less powerful trolling motor. Apart from its lower strength, it will have an overall efficiency rate of some 20per cent -i.e. 80%per cent of the battery capacity is not converted into propulsive power but is lost instead

Alternatively, you can purchase a rather expensive, very heavy motor from a small outboard builder. These motors usually have an overall efficiency range of 30-35 per cent. Or you can purchase a Torqeedo. It‘s light, immensely powerful, and comes with an efficiency rating of more than 50 per cent, which makes it clearly the high-end solution on the market period. In addition, due to our industrial approach to electric outboards, it is also affordably priced.

The Cruise 2.0 is a 24-volt motor that has the propulsive power of a 5 hp gasoline outboard and the thrust of a 6 hp gasoline outboard. The 2010 models feature a new improved driveline with improved longevity, higher efficiency and less noise.

Battery supply Cruise 2.0 requires a battery voltage of 24 V. We recommend a battery supply of two batteries, each with a capacity of at least 180 Ah. Lead-based batteries are not resistant to high current, i.e. the capacities indicated on the casing are not available when the batteries are to be fully discharged in a short time -e.g. 1 or 2 hours. For this reason, you should allow for sufficient reserves. Alternatively, the Cruise 2.0 can also be run with at least one lithium-manganese battery from the Torqeedo Power series.

Connection to remote throttle/steering: No longer available with this model. For this
application, we developed our new models, Cruise 2.0 R and 4.0 R.

Saltwater use: The Cruise R models are better suited for the use in saltwater than this tiller version. They are also waterproof IP 67. Using the Cruise 2.0 tiller version in saltwater does require protection of the contacts and protection from complete submersion.


  • Input power in watts 2000
  • Propulsive power in watts- 1020
  • Comparable gasoline outboards -propulsive power 5 hp
  • Comparable gasoline outboards thrust: 6 hp
  • Maximum overall efficiency in per cent -  51
  • Static thrust in lbs- 121
  • Integrated battery- no
  • Rated voltage in volts- 24
  • Total weight in kg- 18.5 -S / 19.0 -L
  • Shaft length in c- 62.5 S- / 74.5 -L
  • Propeller dimensions in inches- 12 x 10
  • Max. propeller speed in rpm- 1300
  • Control-Tiller control
  • Steering- 360 degrees; lockable
  • Tilting device- Gas pressure spring assisted
  • Trim device- Manual, 5-step
  • Stepless forward/ reverse drive- yes
  • Integrated onboard computer with display: no
  • Thrust equivalent to 6 HP gas outboard
  • 24 V
  • 18,5 kg S / 19,0 kg L
  • Available in short or long shaft models

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