60m Extra Deep Mesh Commercial Grade Snapper Net

Product no.: SNA-20 (Net-Length: 60m)

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60m Extra Deep Commercial Grade Snapper Net 

  • Snapper net with 36 mesh deep light grey multi-mono mesh

  • 5 inch x 0.12mm*8 x 36md with 6mm lead core rope,

  • Legal in NZ for

  • Blue cod, Blue moki, Butterfish, Flatfish, Kahawai, Kingfish, Grey Mullet, Parore, Porae, Red cod, Red gurnard, Red moki, Red snapper, Sand flounder, Snapper, Tarakihi, Trevally.

  • Requires water deeper than 4m to be effective  and  up to 40m deep 

  • This net is made with a lead core bottom rope and floats on top of it. You'll need to add anchors at each end and marker floats or buoys with your name on them. The top rope is 6mm thick, with net floats attached to it. The bottom rope is the braided lead core rope, which means fewer tangles and easier use.

  • Please check your local restrictions and daily catch limits set by the MPI before using this product!


  • Made for Nz Conditions


Additional product information

Mesh-Size 5 inch
Mesh-Depth 36 Mesh Deep

Selection: Deep Multi Snapper 30m 40m 60m

Product no. Net-Length Status Price
SNA-18 30m
SNA-19 40m
SNA-20 60m


Product Note Status Price
60m Fishing Net Buoy, Anchor Combo 60m Fishing Net Buoy, Anchor Combo
2.5kg Danforth Boat Anchor 2.5kg Danforth Boat Anchor
(Size: 2.5kg)
6-1/4 Heavy Duty,160mm mesh 30m 40m 60m 6-1/4 Heavy Duty,160mm mesh 30m 40m 60m
From NZ$180.00
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