Luminous Green Tube 1.5mm

Luminous Green Tube 1.5mm

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Luminous Green Tube 1.5mm

Add extra strength and visibility to your trace!

This Luminous Green Tube is going to prove indispensable to your sea fishing experience! The luminous tube is going to attract fish to your rig, especially in clearer waters. The fact that it glows is going to be really helpful in the darker seasons when it's harder to keep an eye on your end tackle. What's more, it will add extra strength as well as visibility to your trace because it stiffens the line with strong vinyl tubing. Most of all, it protects the trace from chafing and sharp-toothed fish who want to shred your line to pieces!

Luminous Green Tube Features:

  • Luminous glowing tube attracts fish to your rig

  • Luminosity helps detect end tackle in darker climate

  • Adds extra strength and visiblity to your trace

  • Strengthens the line with strong vinyl tubing

  • Protects your trace from chafing and fish's sharp teeth

  • Internal Diameter: 1.5mm

  • Length 39m Approx.

Note that this tubing is sold by the pound: 1.5mm x 1LB/HANK


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